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_-_-_-_-Overunity Testing-_-_-_-_-Overunity Testing-_-_-_-_-_
When asked by people to build a generator with out special,
hand wound coils, special magnets, the need for battery packs  I began
trying differnt ways. See Picture Above:
I have orderd the other 15 coils + All 16 Neo Magnets (7-1-08)
I will be using 16  *   3/8" Wide by 1/4" thick Neo Mag's
People have been asking for blueprints, plans, ect. I am happy people are so interested in saving our Climate,Trees,Fresh Water,ect. 
Once I Complete and Test and Post the Running Full Size Version here I will be looking for People who know how to get them out to the World.
My other Project is a by Demand Build:
Goal Find a way to Produce 110 volts AC and 220volts AC
from off the Shelf Parts that self Powers
See Picture Below:

Makes it Very Easy to Understand
It is just Laid Out instead of Stacked

Multilpe Field Coil's Generator
with a Basic Pulse Motor built in

People working on the same Idea's : Below

Doug's design is Dead on what I am Doing
He has done a GREAT job showing everyone his Details

Japan's Design
Small Power Output but it works

Anther Design of the Same Concept
Has Many Viedo's "JAZZ-Engine"

Other Design's on Network T.V.
I have not been allowed to Test this Design